Incoming Filter

Why Incoming Filter

When searching for a webhost, they are usually more concerned about filtering Incoming Email, so Outgoing mail is often overlooked.

Cyber-criminals are motivated by financial gain, the challenge, ideology or simply mischief. So the anti-spam and virus filter from SpamExperts is a “must have” for any email intensive organization today.

Secure your network from spam, virus, phishing and malware attacks

SpamExperts applies its proprietary self-learning smart technologies to filter all incoming email, eliminating spam before it reaches your network.

Detect outbreaks of new spam and malware immediately

Our unmatched spam intelligence is a direct result from processing millions of emails every second of the day. SpamExperts applies continuous improvements in secure data collection and analyses, detecting new patterns and identifying derails instantly. That accumulated intelligence is shared real-time with all our clients worldwide, assuring timely protection against new threats.

Increased email continuity

Adding an extra protective layer of incoming filter to your email flow and infrastructure adds redundancy and continuity to your email delivery process. When the destination mail server is unreachable, SpamExperts filtering systems queue the incoming email. Additional redundancy can be achieved with our Email Archiving Service.

Improve resource efficiency

With our highly efficient first-level incoming filter defence running in front of your mail infrastructure, you will no longer need to deal with vast amounts of incoming email. In hosting control-panel environments, SpamExperts can save up to 80% of your current hardware resources!

Improve employees productivity

Our SaaS email filtering systems can be used out of the box. Through the advanced SpamExperts features, reporting, and control functionality, you remain in full control of your email flows though no intervention is usually required. Lost time in dealing with spam is reduced to an absolute minimum, allowing all users to concentrate fully on their business tasks.


How Does the Incoming Filter Work?


1 - Incoming, unfiltered email is sent to your domain. Along with the good email you want, it includes a barrage of spam, phishing and virus emails that you don’t want.

2 - A simple change to your domain’s MX record puts Spam Experts™ extremely powerful and remarkably accurate filtering service to work for you.

3 - The bad stuff is put in a “quarantine viewer” so that there’s no chance of ever losing good email. In the unlikely event that a good message is blocked by Spam Experts™, it can be viewed in either the included shared quarantine or optional individual quarantine viewers.

4 - GOOD email is delivered to your domain without delay …BUT… the bad email is captured (quarantined) by Spam Experts™!